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What Does the App Need to Access on my Mobile Device?
What Does the App Need to Access on my Mobile Device?
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When you sign into HomeSpotter for the first time, you’ll be prompted to allow access for a few things that will allow the app to work as a collaborative search tool.


The app will send you instant push notifications whenever someone sends you a message or property in the app. This is also important if you’re a verified agent as you’ll receive instant notification when someone downloads your branded app as well.

Note: If you said no to this when prompted at sign in, YOU WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED WHEN SOMEONE MESSAGES YOU IN THE HOMESPOTTER APP. Please check your device’s settings under notifications to update your device to allow sounds, push notification, banners, and icon alerts. 

Access My Camera:
If you tap on the Spot Icon from the map view, you’ll be prompted to allow access to your device’s camera. Don’t worry! This isn’t so we can go see your photos (we can’t actually do this when you allow access), this is to allow the app to work in conjunction with your device’s camera and overlay nearby properties.

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Access my Location: 

The app will need to access your location (only while using the app) in order to show you properties nearby.  This will allow you to use the “Search Nearby” feature in the apps menu. If you’re out on the go and see a for sale sign, you can open up your HomeSpotter app and bring the map to your current location.

Access my Contacts:

When you open the in app messaging tab, the app will ask if it has permission to access your contacts list.

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