How do I share my app?

Share your branded HomeSpotter app through text, email, social media, and more.

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Now that you’ve got your app all set up, it’s time to share it out to clients so you can have real-time conversations during the search for their dream home!

You can share your app directly within the interface itself via other mobile communication apps with email, texting, or other message sharing capabilities.

When you share your app, clients will receive a custom link to download the HomeSpotter app along with a message you can customize. The unique link will take them automatically to Google Play or the Apple Store to download your exact branded app.

It takes just a couple minutes to share your app!

First, tap on “Share My App” on the app menu

When the pop-up appears, you have a couple options for sharing your app.

If you select: Text, Email, or Post Online

A new window will pop up and show the various options for texting, emailing, or posting online from your device.

Your phone contacts will display, along with all the email apps and other apps on your phone where sharing a message or link is possible.

Simply scroll through and select the app you'd like to use. Just some of the apps include: Gmail, iCloud Mail, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Chats, and LinkedIn Messaging. There are many others, depending on the apps on your device.

After you select where you'd like to share your HomeSpotter app from, follow the onscreen prompts and customize the message.

If you select: Send a Message

After you tap the button, a HomeSpotter in-app text message will open.

Type in a phone number (or more), or tap the + sign to access the contacts on your device. Remember you can send the same message to multiple contacts! Each recipient will receive their own text with a link to your app.

We've also created a simple text message you can send, but feel free to customize it to your voice and brand!

Once your client downloads the app, your message and any listings you’ve already sent them will already be in their chats.

Here's a glimpse into what clients will see on their side after you share your app!


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Post

Watch this video for info on the overall experience on the agent and client side:

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