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Agents: Signing in for the first time
Agents: Signing in for the first time

New to HomeSpotter or a new device? Here's how to sign in.

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Now that you’ve downloaded the HomeSpotter app, it’s time to sign in!

(If you haven’t already downloaded the app, head over here for those easy steps.)

The app is free to download and use, but there are different versions of the app made available based on if you are a verified agent or a buyer/seller.

As an agent, when you log in for the first time on your device, the HomeSpotter guided setup will help you. There are a couple ways you can get signed in. Here’s what you can expect!

"I Am New"

Just as it sounds, tap this if you haven’t signed into your HomeSpotter app before. You'll then have a couple options to choose from:

1. Tap "I’m an Agent"

If you’re reading this article, chances are high that you’re an agent! HomeSpotter partners with MLSs across the country. If you’re a member of an MLS that we’re already connected with, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your MLS credentials.

Tap this button, and have your MLS ID and password close by.

2. Then tap "Choose MLS"

Type in the name of your MLS, or scroll down to find yours. Signing in with these credentials will allow you to access agent-only information such as your listings, agent only remarks, showing instructions, contacts and more depending on your area. You will also have full access to all listings from your MLS.

Once you’ve entered in your MLS ID and password, you’ll be asked to verify your phone number (this allows you to chat with others in the app).

➤ If you tap "Oops, I already have an account," simply follow the onscreen prompts and sign in with your MLS ID, email, or phone number.

Or "Sign in"

If you haven’t signed into HomeSpotter recently or you have a new mobile device, you can simply tap this option to sign in with your MLS ID, email, or phone number.

Follow the prompts, and you’ll be ready in moments to chat with your contacts, share your app with clients, and search for homes!

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