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Inrix Drive Time allows home buyers to find a home that is within a given commute time to the places they travel to regularly!

Tap on the Road Icon from the map view to get started. Enter the addresses of the places you travel to regularly, then tap on them to update time of day and mode of transportation.  Save your locations and apply. You’ll now see the exact time it will take to get to those places from every listing detail page in the app.

INRIX Drive Time is powered by traffic information sourced from the INRIX Traffic Intelligence Platform, which analyzes data from a variety of public and private sources ranging from government road sensors, official accident and incident reports to real-time traffic speeds crowd-sourced from a community of approximately 100 million drivers. INRIX analysis of traffic speeds also factors in impacts common to the day of the week, season, local holidays, current and forecasted weather, accidents and road construction giving drivers insight that helps them save time, fuel and avoid frustration every day.  INRIX real-time traffic information is refreshed every minute then archived into an historical database updated every 6 weeks ensuring home buyers always have the most current drive time information.

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