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Buyer/Seller overview of the HomeSpotter app
Buyer/Seller overview of the HomeSpotter app

Ready to buy or sell? See what you can do with HomeSpotter!

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Your agent has partnered with HomeSpotter, and buyers and sellers like you now have access to an on-the-go app that’s optimized to help buyers, sellers, and real estate agents communicate easier to make the process of buying or selling a home a more enjoyable experience.

Here we cover just the HomeSpotter app basics, so be sure to check the HomeSpotter Help Center for even more specific questions and features information!

What is HomeSpotter?

The HomeSpotter app is chock full of features centered around fostering relationships and providing an easy way for agents and buyers/sellers to communicate within the message-style interface that’s intertwined with a home search tool. Every home search is a conversation between client and agent, and this is just the tool to make that seamless!

Getting started with HomeSpotter

Step 1: Download the free HomeSpotter mobile app

HomeSpotter is 100% mobile, and there is no online sign in. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Just search “HomeSpotter.”

Step 2: Select your user type

If your agent invited you to download HomeSpotter, use the link they provided to download the app. You’ll be sent to the app that's branded to your agent, and you’ll see their photo in your menu and can contact them anytime directly in the app as you’re looking for homes!

If you’re a buyer/seller in an area that we have not yet partnered with, you can still use the app for your home search, too.

Step 3: Search and explore all the great features of the app

Enjoy your home search experience and the ability to chat with your agent within seconds!

HomeSpotter app features

You have many great features at your fingertips within the HomeSpotter app!

  • Search for listings using our detailed filters for specific options and create saved searches for easy and quick access.

  • Search for other agents and their listings in the area and easily send messages within the app with questions or requests.

  • Access your list of phone contacts for easy and fast texting and sharing with family and friends.

  • Try out various financial scenarios with the handy mortgage calculator.

What makes HomeSpotter stand out from other apps?

HomeSpotter gives agents and clients a centralized location for all their messaging and collaboration needs with access to real-time information so you’re always in the know!

With HomeSpotter, you can also search by status, including Contingent, Pending, Expired, and Withdrawn, unlike other apps, which only showcase Active or Sold listings. The app is full of high-res photos, the most up-to-date property and neighborhood details, and an option to search using Augmented Reality to instantly view nearby properties. In select markets, users can also calculate commute times between a property and commonly-visited destinations.

Plus, our app has the industry's leading search service, which is powered by our MLS integrations. These tools allow agents and buyers/sellers to filter results based on commute time estimates, school attendance zone boundaries, zip codes, and much more (may vary by MLS).

Enjoy your home search adventure!

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