Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a service account:

1.  Log in to the Google Play Developer Console with the app owner account.

2.  Click “Settings”

3. Click “API access”, then “Create New Project” 

4.  Click “Create Service Account” 

5.  Follow the instructions in the pop-up by first following the link to the “Google API Console”.

6. Click “Create Service Account” 

7. Add a name the name “HomeSpotter” and click “Create” 

8. Select the Role as “Owner” under “Project”. Then click “Continue” 

9. Click “Create Key” and then “Create”. The key should now download. Please email this file to  Once complete, click “Done” 

10. Back in the Google Play Console, click “Done” to refresh the page 

11. Next to the newly created service account, click “Grant Access” 

12. For “Role”, select “Release manager”, then click “Add User” 

13. You should now be redirected to the “Users and permissions” page. You should see a new user listed for the service account

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