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How do I add an agent or switch agents?
How do I add an agent or switch agents?

Buying or selling a home? Follow these quick steps to add or switch your agent.

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HomeSpotter works best when you're either an agent or invited by an agent, then you'll see all the listings in your area. Were you invited to download HomeSpotter from your agent? If so, you'll want to connect with your agent in the app to see more search options and filters.

You can easily change the agent settings of your HomeSpotter app so that you can see all the details of properties in the area from your trusted agent.

Sending a message

You can send your agent a message within the app and set them up as your preferred agent.

To do this, tap on the Message icon in the lower right corner. A previous conversation you may have had with your agent may pop up, or you can start a brand new conversation.

If a there's a message in there from your agent, simply tap on the conversation. Follow the on-screen prompts to set them as your preferred agent.

If there are no messages, tap on the plus sign icon in the lower right corner to start a new conversation. Then enter your agent's phone number or find them in your phone contacts. Just follow the onscreen prompts to set them as your preferred agent.

Changing agents in the app menu

If you already have a preferred agent set up in your app and need to switch over to a different agent, you can do that from the app menu.

Tap on your app menu in the top left, then tap on your previous agent's photo. Their contact information will pop up. Tap on the little garbage can icon in the lower right to remove them as your preferred agent and follow the onscreen prompts.

Head back to the app homepage and tap the Message button in the lower right. Then follow the "Sending a message" steps noted above to add a new preferred agent.

Once this is complete, you're all set to continue your home search!

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