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NEW Saved Searches Update - Premium
NEW Saved Searches Update - Premium
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Only want to see single family homes under $300k in Minneapolis? You can create custom saved search directly in the HomeSpotter app and access the results at a later time. 

How can I create a saved search in the app? 

To create a saved search in the app, you'll want to tap on the word filter in the top right hand corner of the map view to update your search criteria. To save a search and view results later in a particular area, type in any city name or zip code in the top filter box. If you're only looking for homes within a specific price range or size, etc, you can also add these filters to your search criteria below. Once you've updated your criteria, tap on "Save Search" to save this filter for the future.  

By default, we'll name your search a combination of the filters you've provided, or you can choose to rename your search to something more personal. You can also select notification preferences for when listings match the search. Tap save and the app will prompt you to a new screen confirming the search has been saved. You can create as many different saved searches with different criteria as you choose, and all will be saved to your HomeSpotter account and can be found in the app menu under the Saved Searches label.

Next, let's navigate to the app menu to find the results. Tap on Saved Searches and you'll spot our next update. 

Types of Saved Searches

Your HomeSpotter app is already integrated with your MLS tool (Matrix or Paragon) and provides you with access to your MLS Carts, Contacts and Saved Searches. When you review your saved searches, you'll find your MLS saved searches intermingled in with your new HomeSpotter saved searches. Let's go through both.

MLS Saved Searches

As always, HomeSpotter provides a one-way sync of your MLS saved searches from Matrix or Paragon. This means that when you create a saved search within that tool, you'll be able to view the results of that filter within your HomeSpotter app.  This functionality has not changed. When you navigate to your saved searches, any search that reads "View details on the MLS" were pulled in from your MLS saved searches

HomeSpotter Saved Searches

We've now also added your HomeSpotter saved searches to this same location. Any saved search that reads the filtered criteria beneath the name is a saved search you created in HomeSpotter. 

Managing and Editing your Saved Searches

You cannot make any edits to your MLS saved searches in the HomeSpotter app,   including deleting them. This functionality has not changed.  You can simply view the results when you're not at your computer, in the app. 

Your HomeSpotter saved searches will also not sync back to your MLS tool and can only be found directly in your HomeSpotter app.  These saved searches can be edited and deleted as well as viewed in the app. 

Tap the Edit button to show a delete option and to see which saved searches are available to be managed in your HomeSpotter app vs on the MLS. Looking at the opposite side of the screen, you will see a "-", which will allow you to delete your saved searches.

Who will have access to this new feature? 

The all new HomeSpotter app saved searches features are available for both agents and consumers tied to an agent using the HomeSpotter app. 

Consumers using the HomeSpotter app will only have access to see the saved searches they create in their app, and will not have access to see the saved searches that you as an agent can see from your MLS, or any saved search you create in the HomeSpotter app with this new feature. You will also not be able to see the saved searches that your client creates in their app at this time, but we're looking at ways to provide you with more information like this in the future. 

Consumer (Client) Saved Searches

Consumers have a limited version of HomeSpotter that does not include private agent information, including the MLS tool (Matrix or Paragon) integrations. Consumers using your branded app can still search for homes and save them to their account, however it looks a little different.  In their app menu, they'll see the option "Saved" which will bring them to any individual saved listings or saved searches they've added in their app. 

Their saved searches will only include those that they have created in their HomeSpotter app.

Is there anything else I should know? 

Push notification alerts when new homes match your saved searches are not available in this version, however it's something we're looking into adding in the future along with more insights to what your clients are doing in your branded version of the HomeSpotter app.

If you have any questions about this new update, please email us at

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