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As an agent, what Saved Searches can I create in the app's free "Core Edition"?
As an agent, what Saved Searches can I create in the app's free "Core Edition"?

The free version of HomeSpotter's app offers plenty of options for Saved Searches!

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Do you only want to see single family homes for a client that's under $300K with at least two bedrooms in Minneapolis? Or maybe your client is looking for a rural property in central Iowa that sits on at least 2 acres?

You can create custom Saved Searches directly in the HomeSpotter app and access these results on an immediate or daily basis! The HomeSpotter app will send you a push notification when changes occur within any Saved Search you create, and you can connect with your client right away to discuss.

Both agents and consumers tied to an agent using the HomeSpotter app can see the Saved Searches.

Types of Saved Searches and how to create them

General geographic property search

  1. On the map view, enter an address, zip code, or MLS # in the search bar.

  2. Then simply tap "Save Search" to create this general property search and follow the on-screen prompts.

General geographic + property filters search

  1. On the map view, enter an address, zip code, or MLS # in the search bar.

  2. When the filtering options open up, select your Saved Search preferences. You can be as general or specific as you'd like.

  3. Tap "Save Search," then feel free to type in a custom name for the search (or keep the default).

  4. When you head to the "Saved Searches" in your app menu, you'll see it added to your list.

By default, we'll name your search a combination of the filters you've provided, or you can choose to rename your search to something more personal. You can also select notification preferences for when listings match the search.

You can create as many different saved searches with different criteria as you choose, and all will be saved to your HomeSpotter account and can be found in the app menu under the Saved Searches label.

How can I manage or edit my Saved Searches?

Tap on any Saved Search to view the results in your app anytime you'd like to make a change to a Saved Search (filter criteria, notifications, etc.).  You can also delete a Saved Search at any point by tapping on the - sign on the right next to a Saved Search in your list.

What do my clients see for Saved Searches?

Consumers have a limited version of HomeSpotter that does not include private agent information that you can see as an agent. Consumers using your branded app can still search for homes and save them to their account, and they'll see the same option "Saved" which will bring them to any individual saved listings or saved searches they've added in their app. 

Consumers using the HomeSpotter app will only have access to see the Saved Searches they've created in their app, and will not have access to see the Saved Searches that you as an agent might have created for them in your app. You will also not be able to see the Saved Searches that your client creates in their app.

How do I set up Saved Search notifications that will be sent to my mobile device?

As an agent, you can now stay on top of your sphere with instant notifications about the latest listings in your market. As mentioned earlier, you can set up notifications for your Saved Searches and get alerted when there is activity detected in what your clients are searching or with any status changes for your listings. Learn more about that here.

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