Are you looking for homes in a specific area or do you want to find homes within a particular price range? We've got two great ways to save your favorite properties in the app. Saved homes (for individual properties) or saved searches (for a group of listings by search criteria). 

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  • Tap on the Filter option in the top right corner of the map view and search by any city, zip, school district or MLS #. Then use the status, price, bedroom, bathroom, and other options available in the app to narrow down your filter to the homes you're looking for.

  • Once you have the filters you like, tap ‘Saved Search’ and the app will prompt you to name your search and save.

  • If your app has been integrated with your broker website, you can also create an account on the broker website and save a search there as well. Log into the mobile app with the same credentials and access any saved searches from your website on the go. 

Access and Editing your Saved Searches

  • To access your existing saved searches, tap the hamburger menu icon from the map view.

  • Next select Your Account

  • And Saved Searches
  • Here you'll see a list of your saved searches by name. Underneath your saved search name you'll either see a list of the criteria used to build the saved search, which means that the saved search was created in the mobile app. 

  • You might also see the words "View details on the website" if your app is integrated with your broker website. In that case, so edit the search filter criteria, you'll want to go to your website and login to make changes. To modify a search created in the app, tap on the search, and then select "Filter" again to make changes. You can then save the updates as a new saved search. 

Deleting Saved Searches  

  • To access your existing saved searches, tap the hamburger menu icon and select "Your Account" and then "Saved Searches". 
  • Any search created in the app can be deleted by simply swiping your finger left across the saved search and selecting "Delete"

  • If you've created a saved search on the broker website and are accessing it from the app, you will not have the option to swipe to delete, so you'll need to go to your broker website to delete that saved search. 


 Saved Homes

  • If you'd like to save an individual listing rather than an entire search filter, simply tap on the Heart icon in the bottom right hand corner of any listing details inside the app. 

  • To access your saved properties, tap the hamburger menu icon and select "Your Account" and then "Saved Homes". 

  • If you'd like to remove a home from your Saved Homes list, tap on the heart again from the listing detail page. The heart will no longer be filled red, and will be removed from your list. 

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