What is the Activity Feed?
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The Activity Tab is your new home for seeing exactly what users are doing in the app, and to keep up with your own listings! By being able to clearly see the actions your users are taking in the app, we aim to give you more opportunities to collaborate and build deeper relationships with your clients.

The Activity Feed reveals what clients are doing in an easy to track summary stream giving you, as their agent, a clear understanding of the best time to initiate a conversation with clients. Armed with the knowledge of the consumer’s activity, you are better able to make suggestions that fit clients’ needs, pairing with your own own knowledge and expertise to become a critical resource for clients. On top of that, you’ll receive notifications about your own listings so you can make sure the details others are seeing in the app look great as well!

Ultimately it comes back to relationships. By bringing consumer and agent together in the search process, there’s room for a relationship to grow.

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