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Who are my Contacts in the HomeSpotter app?
Who are my Contacts in the HomeSpotter app?
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Who are my Contacts in the HomeSpotter app?

Want to make sure all of your on top of your prospects and clients' home search activity? We’ve got just the spot for you! Your contacts list in the HomeSpotter app will give you a combined view of all the people using your branded app, your phone contacts (if you allow us permission) and your MLS contacts (from Paragon and Matrix in some markets).

View your contacts to see and edit their contact information, access their saved listings, hidden listings, and saved searches (only in some markets), and more! You can even start a chat or invite someone to download your branded app from your contacts list right in the app.

To get started with Contacts, tap on the menu icon in the top left hand corner of the map view and tap on My Contacts.

MLS contacts (from Paragon and Matrix in some markets and users who have already downloaded your branded app) will automatically be in your list. To sync with phone contacts, click on the “Sync” button on the top right hand corner.

Please note that if a contact shows up in more than 1 of the groups above, we’ll attempt to combine lists and de-duplicate.

When you click on a contact, you can edit contact information, and these edits will reflect back into the contact profile inside the app, or Matrix system, where applicable. (Paragon contacts and phone book contacts cannot be edited from the app).

In addition, you are also able to send chat messages/ invite them to the app if they are not a user yet and leave private notes for anyone in your contacts list.


Q: I’m a Matrix or Paragon agent who has used the Contacts feature before. Who are all these new users showing up in the list?

A: If you have given us phone book permission, some of those users are contacts from your device phone book. The other ones are users who have downloaded your branded app. You may have invited them personally, or they may have downloaded your app from a social media link or from a link sent to them by a friend or family member who is also using your app.

Q: I edited my contact information in the app, why didn’t it save back to my MLS?

A: Paragon unfortunately, doesn’t have contact editing available. If you are using Matrix and running into issues, do reach out to HomeSpotter’s Support Team!

Q: How do I unsync my phone book contacts?

A: At this time, it is not possible to unsync contacts.

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