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Saved Searches in the Activity Feed
Saved Searches in the Activity Feed
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As an agent, you can now stay on top of your sphere with instant notifications about the latest listings in your market. You can set up notifications for your saved searches and get alerted whenever new listings come on the market!

You’ll first want to make sure you have a Saved Search set up via the HomeSpotter App. Setting up a Saved Search is simple and can be done by following the steps here.

Once a new listing matches with that search, depending on your notification preferences, you’ll get an alert that looks like this:

You can then access the app to view additional information about these listings and share them with your clients. If you have your notifications set to “Never”, don’t worry - you can still access the app, click on the Activity icon to review listings that match your search.

When in the Activity feed, this is what your screen will look like when a listing matches your Saved Search. You can then click on the "Expand" button to view more details.

You will see a preview of your listing and can click on it to go directly to the listing in the app.

In addition, you will also be notified once a branded consumer saves a search and can see how many listings match their search at the time of creation.


My client saved a search. Will it show up in my feed?

Yes! You will get notified when your client saves a search in the app.

Why didn’t I get a notification about a new listing that matches my client’s saved search?

At this time, we don’t send notifications for listings in your client’s saved searches.

My client wants to be notified about new listings that match their saved search. Can this happen?

We don’t have an Activity Feed for consumers yet, but stay tuned for updates!

Some of the listings in my saved search dropped in price. Shouldn’t I get notified?

Not currently, unless you had these listings favorited or they were listed by you. Our current saved search logic only sends alerts about listings that just came on the market and match your search criteria or listings whose criteria just changed and now match your search.

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