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How do I set or edit my Saved Search notifications?
How do I set or edit my Saved Search notifications?

Get notified via text message immediately, daily, or not at all.

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As you create or edit a Saved Search as an agent, you have the option of how often you'd like to be notified (via a push notification on your device) when new listings or or other changes occur within the Saved Search. This includes anything from New Listings and Price Reductions to Pending and Just Solds. You can also choose not to get notified at all.

How often will I get notified?

This depends on what you select in your Saved Search preferences.

  • Instantly: As soon as anything within a Saved Search changes, you will get a notification immediately.

  • Daily: If anything has changed within a Saved Search within the past 24 hours, you will get notifications daily around 2pm.

  • Never: Of course with this option, you will get zero notifications for a Saved Search.

You can set different notification preferences for every Saved Search in your account. If you need to go back in and pause one or more for awhile from pinging your device, it's easy to do, too! More on that here.

Creating a new Saved Search

First enter in your property search terms, set your property filter options (home type, price, # bedrooms, etc.), and tap the Save Search button at the bottom.

A new window will pop open, where you will name your Saved Search and set your notification preference.

Simply tap "Instantly," "Daily," or "Never", and you are set!

Editing an existing Saved Search

When you edit an existing Saved Search in your account, you can also adjust the notification preferences.

Tap Saved Searches in the app menu, then tap "Edit" in the upper right corner. Scroll down to the Saved Search you'd like to adjust, and tap the arrow on the right.

The edit options window will open, and simply just tap on the notification preference you'd like. Make other adjustments to your Saved Search if needed, be sure to hit the "Save" button on the bottom.

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