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What can I see in the dashboard that agents can’t?
What can I see in the dashboard that agents can’t?
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As an admin, there are a few things that only you can see in your Dashboard.

Just like agents, when you log into the dashboard you’ll be brought to the share your app tab where you’ll see the company branded app link. You’ll also have the ability to “view as” any agent at your brokerage. Tap on your name in the top right corner to search by agent name to get their branded link. You’ll also be able to send text invites and set text codes for your company app as well as see/remove any text codes agents set up for their own app.

You’ll see an Admin tab at the top of your screen (admin tab is not shown to agents) to view your agent roster and offices. If you do not have any integrations setup, you’ll be able to add agents and offices here as well. You can click on the agent’s name to see what office they are associated with as well as grab their custom app download URL.

You’ll also see an “App Engagement “ tab that will show you all app inquiries and contacts (contacts only available if we do not have an integration setup to automatically send account creations to your CRM) both from branded apps (noting which agent the app was branded to when the inquiry or contact was created) and in the unbranded version of the app (no agent name will be shown). This will allow you as an admin to get a holistic view of requests that are being made in your brokerage’s mobile app.

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