When we launched the app for your Brokerage, all agents (that were on the roster the day of launch) received an email with a link to your Dashboard. After launch, if new agents were added to your account, they did not receive any notifications from HomeSpotter. This is not currently available, and we will email you when it is. Until then, please add telling agents about their mobile app and dashboard via your own internal on-boarding process. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to request that we send out another large notification email to all of your agents.

NOTE: Agents will need to sign up for a password with the email address on file for them with HomeSpotter. If an agent says they cannot create a password, it's likely because they're using an email address we don't have on file. To find the email addresses we have for each of your agents, tap on "Admin" in your dashboard, and search for their name in the roster. You'll find their contact information on file here.

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