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What are the different ways that my contacts and I can use the app to filter and find homes that match their criteria quickly on the go?
What are the different ways that my contacts and I can use the app to filter and find homes that match their criteria quickly on the go?
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Your mobile app has a ton of great ways for home buyers to filter and search for homes that match their specific buying criteria. When you first open up the app, you’ll be brought to a map view making searching for homes front and center. By default, you’ll see active listings near your current location. You can also switch to a list view if preferred, and sort results by price, listing date or square footage.


Tap on Filter in the top right corner of the map view to find options for filtering the listings by specific criteria.

Here you’ll see typical filter options including status, type, price, bedroom, bathroom and more that will allow you to find homes that match your specific needs. You can also use the search bar at the top of the filter page to combine your search criteria with a specific area like city, postal code, and even school district zone.

You can even use the search bar to find a specific property by MLS # or address. The app features auto-complete search functionality that will start to populate results as you type, making it even easier and faster to find what you’re looking for on the go.

Once you’ve added in your filters, tap on Search Homes to run the search and find matching results. You can even save this search filter and find listings that match at a later date by tapping on Save Search.

NOTE: Tapping on Saved Search will prompt users to set up an account with the app. Whenever an account is set up in your branded app, you’ll be able to see the users saved and hidden listings in your dashboard.


On top of filtering listings by specific criteria, your app also has some additional ways to find properties on the go. Let’s start with Home Scan (which may have a different name in your app, look for this icon at the bottom right hand corner of the map view in your app to follow along).

Home Scan is the app’s augmented reality feature. This feature is especially helpful if you are on the go and see a for sale sign and want to know more about the property. Pull out your device and select the Home Scan tool to get insights on listings within a 1 mile radius of your current location.The app will ask to access your device’s camera.

This will overlay active and pending listing information on images seen through your device’s live camera feed.

Draw Tool:

With the draw tool, you can use your finger to draw in a custom area you want to search for homes. This is especially useful when searching for homes on a specific side of a freeway or river, or if you want to find homes in more than just a single city or zip code.

Commute Time:

Your app makes finding the right home that is within the preferred driving distance to work, daycare, or other regularly traveled to places easy. Tap on the Commute Time icon from the map view to get started. App users can enter the addresses of the places they travel to regularly, update the time of day and mode of transportation they plan to use to get there, and get an estimated commute time and area to search for homes in. Users can save up to 3 locations and apply.

Results can be seen from the map and will indicate where you’ll want to stay within to make sure you’re in a reasonable driving distance to the addresses you’ve added to the Commute Time filters:

As well as on every listing detail you view in the app, in the neighborhood tab:

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