Communication with your contacts during their home search phase is key, and your mobile app makes it easy for you to consolidate conversations about properties with a contact (or contacts) in one place that is organized and allows you to reference properties they are interested in. We can also make sure you have some insights as to what your contacts are saving in the app, and real time notifications when someone wants to get more information or to request a showing for a listing.


The in-app chat feature can be found throughout the mobile app. From the map view, you’ll find a Messages icon at the bottom of the page. You’ll also see Messages from every listing detail page in the app on the “Share in Message” button, and you’ll also be prompted to setup an in-app chat account via messages when tapping on “Invite to App” from the main menu.

All 3 of these places will lead you to the same feature, which allows you to send messages and listings to anyone directly in the app, and utilizes the app’s push notifications.

The first time you tap on any of these you’ll be prompted to sign into the app and create a profile. You’ll also be prompted to provide a phone number, which the app will use to verify and sync up your device with your account.

Once you’ve set up an account and your number has been verified, you’ll be able to invite others to the app, share properties and share messages with others in the app. The app will send you instant push notifications whenever someone sends you a message or property in the app.

Request for Showing/Request for Information:

We also have the ability for users to request for a showing or more information about listings in the app. Home buyers using your branded app who fill out a form to request information will be routed directly to you.

We may have an integration with your CRM, in which case, these requests will be pushed directly into your CRM for follow up. If we do not have an integration with your CRM, you can find this information in your HomeSpotter dashboard, and can set your preferences to receive both email and text notifications when these requests are submitted.

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