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What if my clients are already using another home search app?
What if my clients are already using another home search app?
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As you know, there are some national home search apps that your clients may already be familiar with and are currently using. One of the great things about new broker branded app is that you can share a property, invite or message to anyone, and we’ll make sure they get invited to download your broker branded app no matter what.

Let’s say you see a listing in your app that would be perfect for a client you’re working with. Simply tap on “Share in Message”.

Then click on “New” and add their number. If you don’t have a specific property you want to share, you just want to make sure your client is invited to your app to do their home searching, tap on “Invite to App” in the app menu.

If someone does not yet have the mobile app on their device when a message, invite, or property is sent to them, they will receive an SMS text message with details to download your app and continue the communication there. Once they download the app and create an account, you’ll be notified in your app by a push notification as well.

So you never have to worry if someone is or isn’t already using your mobile app, we’ll make sure to deliver the message to them in the correct channel (push notification or SMS text alert) no matter what.

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