We've got 3 great ways for you to invite contacts and prospects to download your branded mobile app to search for their next home and stay connected with you.

Direct from the App

To share directly from the app, tap on the menu button in the upper left corner in your branded app. Tap "Invite to App". You’ll see two options:

  1. Text, Email, or Post Online - This option allows you to use your own email, texting service, or any social media apps you have downloaded on your mobile device (such as Facebook or Twitter).

  2. Send a Message - This option uses the mobile app’s in-app chat feature to invite others to download your app.

NOTE: If you want to use your own phone number to invite others to the app, choose the text, email, or post online option. Using the Send a message feature will send invites from a HomeSpotter app phone number


Text From Your Dashboard

If you prefer to type in phone numbers from your computer, you can share the app the same way right from your desktop in your agent dashboard. If you are unsure how to access this, please reach out to your mobile app administrator at your Brokerage.

Anyone you invite by text from your dashboard will receive a link to download your branded in their text messages, from a HomeSpotter owned phone number. When they tap on your link in the text message, they'll be automatically brought to the iTunes app store or the Google Play store to download your branded app.

Text Code From Your Dashboard

You can also set up a Text Code! This allows people to text a keyword of your choosing to a designated number that HomeSpotter will provide in your local area code. Anyone who texts the code you chose will receive a link to download your branded app in their text messages.

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