When your Brokerage partnered with HomeSpotter, they wanted to build an app that was all about you. It features your Brokerage’s name, logo, colors and more. But on top of that, HomeSpotter has also pulled in information about all agents at your brokerage so that you can share an even more personalized experience of the app with your sphere of influence.

You can give your contacts a personal experience when searching for homes in your branded app. They’ll see your picture and contact information on the app menu and on every listing in the app, keeping you top of mind as they’re looking for their new home!

On top of this, anytime someone using your branded app requests a showing or more information about a listing, leads will be routed directly to you.

So, how can you take your agent branded app with you on the go? It’s simple! The very first thing you’ll want to do after you downloaded your brokerages app is to brand to yourself. Tap on the app menu.

If you see your brokerage’s logo at the top, you’re using an unbranded version of the app. If you see your picture, you’re all set! Skip ahead and learn more about how you can share your branded app.

Next, tap on "Agent Search" and start typing in your name to find yourself in the agent roster in the app. Once you've found yourself, tap on your name. From this page, you'll tap on "Set as Preferred Agent".

You will now see yourself in the menu of your app and you are officially branded to yourself. Once you're branded to yourself, simply tap on "Invite to App" from the app menu, and anyone who received an invite will get a link to your branded app.

Your profile picture and contact information is pulled into your app either from a data feed that your brokerage has provided, or it is something that you can update from your agent dashboard yourself. If you’re not sure how to find your agent dashboard to update your profile, please reach out to your mobile app administrator at your brokerage.

If you do not see your name in the agent roster, please reach out to your mobile app administrator at your brokerage. If you’re not sure who this is, email support@homespotter.com and our team can help.

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