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What is my Agent Dashboard? How do I access it? What do I see in my Dashboard?
What is my Agent Dashboard? How do I access it? What do I see in my Dashboard?
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Your agent mobile app dashboard is where you can learn about ways to share your app and view app engagement, and manage notification settings. If you are unsure about how to log into your Dashboard, please reach out to your Brokerage’s app administrator or our support team (

Sign Into Your Dashboard

If it's your first time logging in, please choose the "First Time Logging In" option and enter in your brokerage email address to receive instructions on setting up a password. In the future, you can use those credentials above with the regular sign-in option.

Share Your App

When you log into the dashboard, you'll be brought to the homepage under the "Share Your App" Header. In this section, you'll see your app download link.

App Download Link: This is a special link that is branded just to you! You can share this link in your email signature, on your website, and on all of your marketing materials. Anytime someone clicks on your link to download the app, they'll be branded to a special version of the mobile app that is branded to you specifically. This means your name and picture, as well as your contact information will always be in your contacts and prospects pockets. Anytime someone requests more information or a showing in your branded app, those leads will go directly to you!

Send Text Invite

You can send a link to contacts directly from the app or from the app dashboard.

From directly in the app: Tap on the menu button in the upper left corner. The slide out will reveal menu options. Tap on the small menu option called "Share This App". Choose your preferred sharing method and enter the recipient's contact info. They will receive your message with a link to download your branded app.

From the dashboard: If you prefer to type in phone numbers from your computer, you can share the app the same way right from your desktop.

Text Code

Choose a keyword that people can text to a number and receive your branded app.

Website Interstitial Code

One of the best ways to drive usage of your apps is to target users going to you website on a mobile device. An Interstitial is a popup that displays when users are on a mobile device and encourages them to quickly and easily download your app.

Desktop Widget Code

Unlike the interstitial code, widget code is used for people accessing your website from a desktop, and allows them to get a link to your branded app on their mobile device to keep searching later. This code will place a widget where people can enter their phone number on your website and receive a link to your branded app. If you have any trouble deploying the website widget please talk to your website administrator.

App Engagement

In this section, you'll find your contacts and inquiries from the app.

Contacts: These are people who registered and created a search account in your mobile app. When they do this, you'll find them here under the Contacts tab. You'll see the information they used to register for an account (name, email, phone) as well as any properties that they favorited or chose to hide in the mobile app. You will not see their saved searches.

NOTE: If you do not see contacts in your dashboard, these are likely being pushed into another system through an integration your brokerage has set up. Examples of these would include Property Base, REW, and others.

Inquiries: We have options for people to request information about listings as well as a showing in your mobile app. Anytime someone does this, you'll be notified and they'll show up in your dashboard under inquiries.

Manage Your Profile

Depending on the types of integrations we have set up for your account, you'll see different options on what you can view and edit for your agent profile in the dashboard. Tap on your name in the top right corner and select Account Settings to manage. This is where you can manage your settings including your profile information and notification settings. By default, you will not be setup to receive text alerts, please add your cell number and check the box to turn these on.

NOTE: If you only see notification settings, then your profile is being fed to HomeSpotter from an integration with another tool like BostonLogic, Reliance, and others. If you're not sure where to manage your profile in the app, please reach out to your app administrator at your brokerage.

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